Ons Vat Hande
Taking Hands

RUAH stap ‘n pad. Ons vat graag hande met mense wat glo in vandag se wonders; mense wat daar sal wees indien jy struikel, mense wat kan sterk wees as jy swak is, mense wat saam met jou kan lag en huil; mense met ‘n passie wat sade van positiwiteit saai waar hul ookal gaan!

RUAH is on a journey and we collaborate gladly with people who believe in today’s wonders; People who will be there when you stumble and who will be strong when you are weak; People who you can both laugh and cry with; People with a passion and who sows seeds of positivity wherever they go.

Konsep Ontwerp

  • www.buninteriors.biz - Erika, our story began in 1996 as B. Ing Civil Engineering Students at TUKS. We were "vrek-bang" because only 20% of us would have survived the Engineering battle in RSA by 2000, as per all our manly professors. We shared late nights of "somme-maak" and co-labbing ideas ready to submit our reports the following day. We cried together when our dear friends where killed in a terrible bridge-building project in Limpopo after the floods in Mosambique. You were there with every watershedding decision that I had to make in my adolescent life. You believed in my way of thinking, when no one else did. Your "mothers-stoep" 3rd year Hydrollic study sessions was for me a definite high point.  We still work together on Ruah's design team. Erika your work is always out-of-the-box:):)
  • www.andreroux.co.za - Andre, when I am very very "haastig", you will calm me down and explain the situation to the tee. Thank you for your RUAH-beat that creates a beautiful symphony.
  • www.mariettewalt.com - Wesvalia Alma Mater Class of 95, a girl with passion in her DNA. 
  • www.bonabona.co.za - I, GS Kasselman (Ernst) grew up here. Leeudoringstad, Klerksdorp and Wolmaransstad. We walked, talked, cried, had romances, married, gone away and came back to help build my father and mother's iconic african dream.
  • www.lifeofreily.co.za - please support her online blog by signing in for her "all-around-the-globe" content.
  • vanessa.marais@outlook.com - OLD BLUE Creative Studio - Photographer and designer. Young and upcoming talent to be reckoned with.


Sosiale Media


GOBIG Media - Reinier@gobig.co.za

Klerksdorp Rekord
Marinda du Plessis
Sel : 083 846 5061
Tel : 018 464 1911

Potchefstroom Herald
Jeanette McLeary
Tel : 018 293 0750
Sel : 083 400 1275

Vroue van geur en kleur

Myrrh Ministries
Essensiële en gemengde olies
Past. Eunice vd Merwe
083 320 7247


Ondersteunende Organisasies
Supporting organisations

  • NWCDI: National funding and marketing -  Decorex for 3 years and Design Indaba 1 year.
  • DTI: Kasselhoft Trading Pty Ltd TA Ruah - Export Ready - Thanks Princess for all your help.
  • SAOPA: Southern African Essential Oil Producers Association
  • SAMRU: Background Music approval via South African Music Industry Council
  • CANSA: pending certification for our RUAH Sunblock 
  • BRUNATIONAL: standing partnership and ongoing support Dr. Aubrey Parsons. AP Consultancy, PO Box 91182, Auckland Park, 2006 South. Our dear friends at Brunational -  Sid, Lara, Mr M, Charmain, Dube just to name but a few - it is always a pleasure to visit you.

Thank you for the privilege to present RUAH to you.

Ruah - Koester jouself